Posted by: michelle g | February 13, 2011

3rd Retreat for Wives of Pastors and Vicars

We hosted a short-term mission team (from Cary, North Carolina) the other week.  The team came back from the village and said, “we bought beads from one of your pastor’s wives.”  They went on to tell me how one wife gave paper bead necklaces to them as a gift.   The team asked if they could purchase more.  With the money she made, she went to the nearest major town and purchased more materials to make more necklaces.  I was so so happy.  One pastor’s wife has already put into practice what we learned at our retreat. She has a new self-sustaining business of making paper-bead necklaces.

We also enjoyed fellowship in bible study.   In 2 Kings 4:1-37 we saw God working in the lives of both needy and rich women.  We had great prayer time.

Besides making beads…I had all the women over to learn cake-making.  I made chocolate, yellow and red velvet for them to sample.  We mixed up the batter, baked it and were full of sugar before the morning ended.  By the next retreat, the women will research the cost benefit of starting a cake-making business in their region.

The next retreat is early May.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful retreat! Thank you for coming alongside these women. I’m curious….how do they bake the cakes in the villages. Do they have ovens?

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