Posted by: michelle g | March 3, 2011

Amelia’s IV

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Many of you tell us in e-mails and and letters how you pray for our health. This week was a week where the prayers were so very helpful.

Amelia got a stomach virus on Friday.  We happened to be on the road at the time—visiting churches in Western Uganda.  Jacob and I took turns nursing her through the night and the day and the next night as it continued.  Grandma and Grandpa are visiting and they were a big help with Amelia and Line–who missed playing with her sister but certainly enjoyed some dedicated grandparent time.  We pressed on to visit three congregations Sunday morning.  Amelia was sick in the car and she refused to eat or drink.  Besides the vomiting, she was lethargic, unable to walk, sleepy, quiet, and complained of headaches.

By Monday night we had to take her to a clinic in a small town.  This was not ideal but we were over six hours from Kampala.  On the way to the hospital, we were disturbingly close to hitting two elephants hanging out in the pitch dark on the side of the road.  Does this tell you how far out we were?

Thankfully they had an IV drip for her dehydration and they gave her two drugs—just in case.  (A proper diagnosis wasn’t possible because the power was out and the lab equipment can’t run on the battery-backup so the lab staff were sent home for the evening.)  She improved slightly—and I mean slightly.  By morning two tests showed negative for malaria.  After an all-nighter at the clinic we packed it up and drove straight home to Kampala.

Wednesday was spent at our clinic here in Kampala.  It appears that the stomach virus took its toll and her body “hit a wall” where she could not pull out of the sickness herself.   After another two IV drips and some tests, she came home a totally different girl.   She could walk, talk and eat again.   She never complained and she was so brave.  It was an ordeal we will never forget.  Thank you for your prayers.


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