Posted by: jacobgillard | April 6, 2011

Thanksgiving for TEE funding!

It gives us a keen sense of God’s provision when our financial reports from HQ indicate that our “fielding budget” is fully funded (we’re actually over-funded at the moment—praise God!).  When I say “fielding budget”, I’m talking about all of those expenditures that allow us to remain on the field such as salary, housing, medical, pension, airfare, visas, station travel, etc.

After that, at times we need funding for specific projects that are a key part of the work we’re called to do.  In my case, that’s theological education.  It costs anywhere from $400 to $700 each time we call the approximately 24 TEE students to attend a weekend class.

Our first round of TEE concluded this past December and during these first months of 2011 I’m traveling north, south, east, and west taking applications and interviewing men for the next intake.  I’m pleased to report that I’ve received over 30 applications so far.

As soon as I started to inquire about funding for the first year of our new intake our good friend Gary Thies at Mission Central Iowa responded with some great news!  It just so happens that he had been in touch with some fine folk in Kearney, NE who were moved to fully fund TEE in Uganda to the tune of $6,550.00.  Will you praise God with us for His provision that allows us to remain on the field and have the necessary funds to do the work?


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