Posted by: michelle g | May 12, 2011

Want to Help?

In the past year we have had 4 retreats. I have been moving ahead slowly in both the spiritual matters and the small-income generating businesses. The women have now grasped how to read the bible and apply it to their lives. Three women have agreed to take on leading the bible study and training in the future. This is so wonderful.

We have two business projects. We have the making of paper-bead necklaces which is a local craft. We also have the starting of cake-making businesses for birthdays and introductions/weddings. We are moving ahead in both projects now. The women are serious. They have already begun these projects and are looking to moving ahead. If you are interested in the following, please contact me.

1) Helping to buy the paper bead necklaces in huge quantities on a long-term basis. Each necklace would cost you $2.50 up front and this would be a sufficient profit for the women. If you would want to also turn around and sell the necklaces, the profit gained in America could also be donated to the pastor’s wives. This would just be an added bonus. Travel to Uganda to meet the women and pick the necklaces is not necessary but could be very fun.

2) The cake-baking project needs funding of $50 per woman (about 5 are seriously interested in this project right now). This would cover a local oven made out of sand and a pot and the first baking supplies.

We also need funding of about $200 to cover the transportation cost of one pastor’s wife knowledgeable of how to build this oven. She has agreed to travel around the country helping the other pastor’s wives set up their oven and practice baking.

Interested in coming to Uganda to teach cake-baking, decorating, bread, etc? I have had a blast teaching all these things but I have no expertise. If this is your gift…come on over and travel around the country mentoring women in this project.


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