Posted by: michelle g | June 30, 2011

What we like about Uganda….

A top…well, I couldn’t limit it to ten.

When greeting you, people always ask about your children.

People kneel to show respect to important people or elders when greeting

Cows can be seen on any road in the capital city any time

Music and dancing is a pass time.

You don’t have to put fuel in your own car. Attendants pump for you.

There are almost no traffic laws. You can drive and park how you like.

People dress up. Men almost always wear pants and dress shirts; Women generally wear skirts, local vitenge or a local dress-a gomas.

Ugandans don’t smoke.

Men and women do same jobs. There are police women and men who are maids.

There is always something fun to see. For example, it is common to see someone carrying a glass door on a taxi motorbike, or a goat or maybe they are carrying another motorbike (boda boda). I’ve seen it.

Uganda has amazing fruit and vegetables every day like pineapple, watermelon, mango, avocado, tomato, green pepper, green beans, cabbage, lemons and potatoes.

We love the weather 75-85 degrees year round.

You can wear the same clothes every day of the year because the weather is so constant.

Ugandans are hard-workers. People are always pushing bikes laden with charcoal or a million other things, shopkeepers work 12 hour days, women are constantly sweeping in front of their place, etc.

Most of all, we love the Christians we work with here in Uganda. They dedicate so much time and so much of their life to church, while still making time to provide for their families. It is they who make Uganda so special.


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