Posted by: michelle g | August 30, 2011

Our Trip to Amudat

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The girls and I try to travel with Jacob every few months as he goes out to teach and encourage. Our mission agency encourages this so the entire family can feel like they are a part of the work. The 13+ congregations of Amudat District are very far from where we live in Kampala—some congregations actually straddle the Kenyan border!

Reaching Amudat can be difficult as we navigate rivers, rocks, and mountains.  My mother-in-law who had been there a month prior said that maybe I should go to Amudat when she was around and could watch the kids. But Jacob said that Amelia and Evangeline could spend every day rock-hunting as it is completely covered in all forms of rocks. I decided bite the bullet…and we went.

On the way we saw mountain waterfalls, wild ostriches, camels, donkeys, and cows. We reached Amudat and the Pokat people welcomed us with songs and dressed us in their jewelry and clothing. We stayed for five days with no electricity, running water, nor indoor plumbing—which is fine for me but tricky with two little ones. The girls never complained and they want to go back again.

Who are the Pokat? Traditionally they are semi-nomadic, pastoralists. They have rich tradition and customs in their society. You may consider them to be similar to the Maasai in Kenya. Some people have scar decoration on their bodies; some have hooped earlobes; herdsmen wear little skirts and colorful necklaces. The people are very cheerful, are very clean in body and around their compounds, and hop while they sing.

We got to see twenty-five adults baptized and hear four days of biblical teaching.  It was so great!

See all 278 photos here.


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