Posted by: jacobgillard | September 3, 2011

Year-End Funding Report

LCMS World Mission’s fiscal year recently ended and we have some great news to share about how the Lord has used many of you to make financial contributions that help keep us on the field.

  • 539 unique gifts were received over the 12-month period ending June 30, 2011.  We need to think of a special prize for Spirit of Christ Lutheran in Ham Lake, MN who made 47 separate donations!
  • Those wonderful 539 contributions helped us meet 107% of our budgeted goal.  I don’t yet know if our expenses came in over-budget or under-budget—but we’ll keep you posted.
  • 73% of contributions were received to fulfill a pledge.
  • 3% of contributions were received as reoccurring gifts.  (Reoccurring gifts are donations from donors who enjoy giving a specified amount on an on-going basis—often utilizing an auto-pay program.  It is similar to a pledge except a pledge has a defined time period attached to it whereas a reoccurring gift does not.)
  • 24% of contributions came from what I might term “casual” donations—except I’m sure there was nothing casual about it!

Here’s a huge THANK YOU to all of our financial partners.  We thank God for you!  We realize that your financial support isn’t always an easy thing—especially when the economy isn’t roaring along.  We are in awe of your sacrifice, faithfulness, stewardship, pledges, and gifts.  We do not take your gift lightly but consider ourselves accountable both to you and to God. Thank you so much for joining this holy calling!

Please Note:

  • All contributions are tax-deductible, as allowed by law.  Donations are receipted by LCMS World Mission in St. Louis, MO.
  • These donations directly support our “fielding expenses” e.g. salary, housing, benefits, airfare, visas, immunization, language study, children’s education, station travel & expenses, etc.
  • Other contributions were received for a few humanitarian projects that we administer here on the field but those gifts are NOT included in the above.
  • I’ll be more than happy to share the actual dollar amounts (total budget, total donations, total expenses) with anyone who inquires.
  • The May 2011 issue of The Lutheran Witness is a special report regarding Synod finances entitled “Blessings, Gifts and Challenges” and I encourage LCMS stakeholders to give it a whirl.  Allow me to note that LCMS World Mission is cited for overspending on page 1.  I don’t presume to know all the factors that led to this conclusion—it’s above my pay grade!—but rest assured that neither the Gillard family nor your support of the Gillard family have contributed to that problem because we’re a part of the new funding model called network-supported missionaries.  You can read more about it here.

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