Posted by: michelle g | November 11, 2011

Being Back

We have been back in Uganda for two weeks now. (We didn’t post it on this blog but we were in the States for 7 weeks for a much-needed ‘respite furlough’.  We sent out three email updates during that time to those on our Yahoo!Groups email distribution list.  If you didn’t get it, just give a shout and we can send it your way.)

Now that we’re back, we enjoy visitors welcoming us back almost daily. We love eating local lunch again (matooke, beans, rice, soup i.e. meat with broth, fresh mango, avocado, etc). The weather is fabulous. But a sadness fills our hearts.

We are no longer working with the Lutheran Church Mission Uganda. The church has had some difficulties that make it impossible for Jacob to continue teaching and training their leaders.

What next? We simply do not know. We ask for your prayers in this time of uncertainty. Until we get a better idea, we relish in God’s word, daily prayer, and enjoy every day in this land we have come to care for so much.

Now, let’s end on a happier note with a cute kid pic.

Amelia and the loose tooth

This may be the last pic you see of Amelia with all her teeth---at least for a while. A top one is coming loose!



  1. We love you guys. Sorry to not have had the opportunity to see you all when you were in the Mpls area. God knows the plans He has for you, so…not to worry. Spending some much needed time together at “home” is just what the Good Doctor has in store. We give thanks for you all and we stand in awe because of your courage and willingness to stand up for what is right. Blessings, prayers, and support from our house to yours. If you need ANYTHING you know all you have to do is let us know. Until next time…Peace in Jesus my friends.

    Greg, Connie, Jacob, Isaac, Clara, Elly, and Gramma Harriet.

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