Posted by: jacobgillard | November 20, 2011

Official Notice

We were sent to Uganda in 2008 to serve as missionaries with the Lutheran Church Mission in Uganda (LCMU).  We began the task with joy and started off by assuming the best about each of our new colleagues.  For three full years we have done a lot of listening and observing.

In more recent days, the LCMU has decisively forged for themselves a path upon which we cannot follow.  For this reason, we can no longer in good conscience be affiliated with them.  Please allow this to serve as an official notice that we no longer serve the LCMU.

The above notwithstanding, it would be impossible for me or any other foreigner to be a missionary of the LCMU because the LCMU no longer has a valid NGO certificate (the previous NGO certificate expired on 24 June 2011 and you can see a copy for yourself here).  Mr. Stephen Okello, NGO Forum representative to the October 21-23 “Delegates Conference” in Jinja even stated during the conference that the certificate had expired.  The LCMU is therefore unable to cater for work permits for anyone.  The LCMU’s ability to present itself before the international community as a legally registered church should be questioned by all.

It is worth noting that the LCMU is not in ‘altar and pulpit fellowship’ with the LCMS—nor has it ever sought to be an official partner church, nor a member of the International Lutheran Council (ILC).  That being said, LCMS World Mission has yet to come to its own conclusion regarding its future relationship (if any) with the LCMU.


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