Posted by: jacobgillard | November 25, 2011

When a Bumper Sticker is Not Enough


It is very popular in East Africa to make a statement on the back of your car, taxi, or truck. Sometimes a bumpersticker is just not enough so why not display it on half the back window?

Ugandans may not enjoy First Amendment rights like Americans but there’s something very refreshing about how they at least put innocuous thoughts out there for people to react to—and in a big way.

As for myself, I’m not a bumper sticker person but if I were, I might display ‘ssibyangu’ on my back window—as in the taxi above.  The translation?  “It’s not easy.”

Think of it as roughly equivalent to “Uff Da!”

(And if you’re not from the Upper Midwest you might need a translation for that!)



  1. Ufdah!
    God only knows!

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