Posted by: jacobgillard | January 3, 2012

Dedicating it to the Lord

Congregation in Song. This Swahili hymn is sung as the ground is dedicated for the construction of a house of worship to the Triune God.

Wednesday, December 28th was a wonderful day in the life of Kampala Lutheran Church, a congregation excited to take the next step as they relocate to a nearby suburb to build their own building on their own land.

It was around 6 pm and golden rays were filtering through the trees.  The setting and mood were serene.  We were in the middle of the festive season so no one was in a hurry.  The building site is nestled in a cozy neighborhood that is not yet built-up.  We weren’t very far off the main roads (Ggaba road is 400m to the NE and Lukuli Road is 250m to the SW) but it felt like we were in the village—that’s a good thing!  Neighbors and neighborhood children were warm and welcoming as parishioners gathered near the largest tree on the plot—a jackfruit.

We ushered in the construction phase at the building site with a short rite of dedication (liturgy and prayers in Luganda, hymns in Swahili) led by Rev. Jerome Wamala.  You can see photos here.

Thank you to those of you who offered prayers and sacrificial gifts that have brought the congregation to this moment—to the Glory of God!



  1. Seeds have indeed been planted!

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