Posted by: jacobgillard | March 9, 2012

Re-entry & Other Stuff

Dear Friends in Christ,

It is called re-entry.  It’s a phase of the missionary-life and we’re now in it.  Each person experiences re-entry differently and in some ways it takes a lifetime to complete the journey.  We are still missing dear friends in Uganda & South Sudan as well as enjoying family and friends in MN and WI.  We’re thankful for all the prayers and well-wishes that so many of you have sent our way.

The little girls could use some consistency with home school (which is going well) so we don’t have many travel plans in the near future but we’ll do our best to stay in touch via skype, email, and phone calls.  Besides homeschooling, we have enjoyed ice skating, sledding, American foods, and visiting with Grandparents.

Several of you have inquired about our next steps.  It was back in December that I updated my ministry profile paperwork (mostly a summary of ministry skills & preferences) that a calling congregation would use to call a pastor and on those forms I indicated that I was especially interested to serve in MN or WI so it’s just a matter of waiting on the Lord.  Please pray for Michelle and me as we wrap up our mission-related responsibilities and discuss our dreams for the future.

We just can’t stop thanking you for all your prayer and support and concern over these 4 years.  You have prayed, listened, visited, and shared financial gifts.  As a result, we were able to participate in God’s mission in East Africa.  It has been humbling and awe-inspiring to have been on the receiving end of God’s goodness thru you.  For this, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Blessings until next time,

Jake, with Michelle, Amelia, and Evangeline

Line on a sled!

Amelia on a sled!



  1. May this transition go smoothly and may God make His next calling for you clear. 🙂

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