Posted by: jacobgillard | August 10, 2012

6 Months Out: All Baggages Have Reached Well!

A meaningful memento (gifted to us by Lutheran Church Kampala) recently retrieved from the final suitcase bearing our Uganda stuff.

It is quite a feat for even a small family of four to pack up and move 8,000 miles. We can now report, that as of this week, the last of our personal effects have completed their journey from Uganda to Minnesota. We certainly acquired many household items over the few years we were in Africa, but it made sense to sell much of that—Michelle did a great job organizing that series of sales, by the way.

What remained didn’t even come close to filling a container so we packed up our tubs & duffels (50 pounds each!) and brought a dozen back with us as our checked bags. Another ten made their way back with a few different friends—and friends of friends—who leveraged their network of contacts and orchestrated some amazing routing and hand-offs to bring the bags to the Twin Cities! At the risk of omitting someone, allow me to mention that it couldn’t have happened without Jim, Bethany, Janet, Cindy, Dean, Julie, Carl, Grace, Emma, Judith, Elijah, Nate, Rhoda, Philip, Hans, and Becky. We’re so thankful for these folks and their help!

Lately our home has been filled with many warm thoughts and pleasant remembrances as we’ve unpacked the final 5 bags—recently arrived—especially the suitcase we had written off as lost but which arrived Wednesday evening and contained the many gifts showered upon us by Kampala Lutheran Congregation on our farewell Sunday. All this seems to be happening at an ideal time: 6 months into our journey of re-entry and transition back to life in America.


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