Posted by: jacobgillard | December 21, 2012

African Influence, Early African Christianity

I recently bumped into this resource, The Center for Early African Christianity, and I thought it was worth sharing. The paragraphs below are from one of their recent emails.

A revolution is presently occurring as the centers of Christianity’s influence shift from Europe and North America to the majority world in the south. This shift is exerting a profound impact on the formation of Christian theology and practice. Lamin Sanneh writes “Christianity has not ceased to be a Western religion, but its future as a world religion is now being formed and shaped at the hands and in the minds of its non-Western adherents.” Amidst this realignment a new reformation is taking place as the Church in Africa discovers the great riches of its ancient Christian heritage.

The Center for Early African Christianity exists to make these ancient African Christian riches available to those presently living on African continent. It was the African Fathers who nourished the Cappadocians, Jerome, John Chrysostom, and Ambrose—the great forefathers of Western Christianity and the foundation stones for the Western intellectual tradition.

Tragically, for many reasons, Africans have been severed from their own legacy, the ancient African Christian ideas and practices that in many ways deeply shaped Western culture. The African Church hungers now for what its ancestors first achieved in terms of spiritual depth, biblical interpretation, and sensitivity to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Yet there are obstacles standing in the way of the African Church re-connecting to its legacy: the soulless secularism of the West endangers the entire world…

[read the rest of the article here]

Center for Early African Christianity


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