Speaking Schedule


* Photos courtesy Rev. Phil Ressler, LaFox, IL

When the Gillard family hits the American highways to make mission presentations, we seek to:

  1. inform about God’s mission;
  2. enlist prayer warriors who will advocate for us at the Father’s throne while we serve;
  3. offer stewardship opportunities to congregations and individuals who take an interest in our work; and
  4. inspire others for cross-cultural missionary service.

Notes for arranging the Gillard Family to make a Mission Presentation:

  • We respectfully request that you cover the expenses which make it possible for us to be with you. This includes mileage/airfare, meals, and a home-stay or hotel lodging. If we’re visiting you on a multi-state loop outside of our home base in the Twin Cities, the mileage can be averaged and split between all of the congregations on the loop. I’ll give you more details on this as we make arrangements for our visit. I’ll also email with detailed info on our arrival/departure; housing & meals preferences; publicity helps; and our presentation.
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